Insurance Visions: About Us

Insurance Visions, Inc. has been in the insurance software business since 1988 when our first product, an insurance application program designed for agents and brokers, was launched. Since that time, we have published approximately 21 additional programs, all related to the insurance industry and ranging from agency management systems through sophisticated Internet based applications.

We mention this longevity because it is a key element as to the character of this organization. We are not new to the insurance software business since we have been part of it for the past 18 years. Like our customers, our income is derived from the quality of the products and services that we provide, and our success is measured by their overall satisfaction..

As solution providers, our primary objective is to continuously push the technology envelope by developing products that are innovative, intelligent, functional, and cost effective - products that are designed to correct the pervasive inefficiencies in both front and back office processes that drive costs and have been performed in much the same manner by our industry for the past 100 years. While conceptualizing the benefits of some of these solutions may require thinking "outside the box", the net result from their use will be higher customer satisfaction, more efficient processing, less paper handling, and lower expense ratios.

We will continue to be a leader in developing useful solutions for the insurance industry since we choose to march at the front of the 21st Century technology parade, rather than at the back.

Insurance Visions, inc.